Activities and main purposes

The Association is a voluntary non-profit organization and is recorded as such by the Israeli appropriate Governmental agency ("Rasham ha-amutot"). The main objectives of the Association are to help its members at its outmost ability in all fields related to their heavy invalidity. This will cover various areas shuch as:
Legal and practical advice related to receiving from various authorities all their rights. Introducing new disabled and helping them to face the practical (logistical and psychological) problems related to their new starus.
Moral support.
Help in fund raising logistics for implants abroad.
Financial help in organizing group excursions intended to moral boosting.
Supply of up-to-date information in relevant fields (medical, dietetics, rights), as we publish a highly appreciated quaterly with full cooperation of professionals (doctors, dieticians, lawyers).
Supply round the clock availability (by phone, fax,) for advice and help.
Organizing two semi-annual meetings for all our members to keep in touch with them, to up-date them on the Associations activities and to up-keep the democratic management of the Association.
And many other side-objectives that enable the function of our organization, such as fund-raising to the full benefit of our members.
It could be mentioned here that all our management group (president, vice-president, finance officer and two more members) act as voluntars on their own time. We pay only for minimal necessary services such as a part-time secretary and basic financial and legal advice services (also given to us at specially low expences).